Don’t Miss A Chance To Make It More Special!

Like every day I woke up with a heart full of gratitude but today was special. International Women’s Day is here and I’m so thankful for all the women in my life. My mom, my partner Aaliyah and all my friends- Megan, Donna, Kate and Mrs. Bradley. Each of them has helped me evolve every day and get better.

“Fix things when they are broken. Throwing away is easy but special things, especially relationships should always be valued and are meant to be kept!” My mom would always say. That’s why I believe in fixing and keeping a lifetime bond. She has helped me to understand the essence of them!

“I have got your back always! I am there to cheer when you win and give my hand when you fall!” Aaliyah had said in the first year of our relationship. Till date, she does that! She is my confidant.

“Don’t have to do the thing that you don’t enjoy, you are meant to write! Give it a shot!” I remember how Megan used to tell me after reading my write-ups. My best friend believed in me when I was skeptical. And look, here I am today! Writing and sharing with you guys!

“Welcome to the team! Feel free to talk over unlimited cups of coffee! I’m always there not just as a recruiter but as a friend you can bank on at work!” That’s what Donna had said on the first day of joining. She is a constant since then.

“We need to up your fashion game and social life here! Stop being so shy! You will love meeting new people. Connecting will help you to write better.” The fashion diva Kate always used to tell me – the shy SoCal boy. She makes everything so effortless and vibrant.

“Anytime you feel low, my cookies will uplift your mood!” Mrs. Bradley told me on the first day of moving in here. Thank God for her, it always felt like home since day one.

All these women will always have a special position in my life. And, I will make sure to arrange something special with all my other male friends for them.

Loving, nurturing, supportive, unconditionally caring and so much more – they are women! They make life around so beautiful. We should always be grateful. And, though not one day is enough yet we should not miss a chance to make them feel a little more special. It’s time to let them know how much they mean to us. So, just make sure to bring a wide smile to their faces.

And, to all the lovely women out there, Happy Women’s Day!

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