That’s Not Our Headache!

Recently my friend Kate – the fashionista has been very quiet. For some reason, she has attended very few gatherings. The selfie queen has been posting less on social media too. Aaliyah and I were a little worried. So we decided to pay her a visit and invite her to St. Patrick’s Day celebration at our place. We rang the doorbell!

“Oh Bob and Aaliyah, what a pleasant surprise! Come in!” She expressed and we went in. She served us coffee and cookies and then sat on the couch.

“What’s the matter, Kate? Where have you been? Why are you so quiet?” I asked.

“And not so responsive over texts or calls. What’s wrong?” Asked Aaliyah.

There was silence for a moment. Then looking at us she said, “Well I am just not having a good time. A girl named Mindy, whom I had once been close friends with is gossiping about me. It’s been months since I cut off from her, but I fail to understand why she is still doing the same!” She expressed.

“Don’t pay attention! Why are you letting this bother you so much? “I asked.

“Well, she happens to be a dear friend and assistant of one of the clients I am about to pitch next week. It’s big work! What if the client gets influenced by this and scraps my pitch?” Asked Kate.

“Well, then you should thank your stars for not having to work with such clients!” I said.

“Huh, Bob? What is this supposed to mean?” She asked.

“If someone decides to not go ahead with your designs just because of some gossip then it’s time to judge her discretion! Yes, word of mouth matters but not baseless gossip. You deserve a better client who will trust your work,” I replied.

“At the professional front, your capability, talent, and confidence should reflect in your work. Don’t let anything else dim your shine! Just focus on your design and pitch!” Expressed Aaliyah.

“I believe you are right! Whom she will trust and what she will choose to believe is her call.

That’s not in my hands. I can only present my work and be professional!” She said.

“Yes, now that’s the spirit!” We said and enjoyed the evening over coffee and meaningful conversation.

We don’t have any control over what others are saying about us. We neither have control over what people will believe. It’s not our headache! All we have is to be authentic selves always and let the other person take a call. By being and giving our best we can always ensure to be on the wise and right track. So let’s just do that!

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