Will I Change Things? Definitely Not!

We were at Steve’s place for dinner. His parents were here and he wanted us to visit him during their stay. His mother had cooked a sumptuous dinner and his father had made some amazing cocktails. Good music, nice lighting, and wonderful company – we were having so much fun!

His parents went to bed and then we all started having late-night conversations with soft music in the background. Talking about here and there, suddenly Megan shot a question at all of us.

“If you guys had the chance to go back in time and do things differently, will you do that?” She asked. A very interesting question indeed! We all thought!

All had different things to say.

“I would have interned in a different company,” said Adrian.

“And, I would have stuck to my idea of baking and owning my own bakery or cloud kitchen,” Said Aaliyah.

“I would not have dated the men I did,” Said Kate.

“I would have tried to establish a better relationship with my stepmom,” Said Megan.

“I would have taken time before rushing into a marriage which resulted in divorce,” Said Donna.

“What about you, Bob?” Asked Adrian.

“I wouldn’t have changed a single thing as all that has shaped me into who I am today. I don’t regret anything so I will want to do the same things as I had done,” I said.

“Woah! Now, that’s an answer that can only come from you!” Said, Kate.

“Absolutely, true! We love the way you perceive such things!” Expressed and cheered everyone. Then the rest of the night we played card games and crashed at Steve’s place.

When we look back, we wish a few things had happened differently. A lot of people do that and there is nothing wrong with it. We wish we had not made that choice and hurt ourselves. But, there is no choice that can guarantee that everything will be perfect!

A different choice would have given a different experience- bad or good – we never know! Optimism month it is and having a positive outlook and approach always changes the narrative of life! I don’t believe in regrets and admire the journey that has been carved out so far. Maybe, this way we can live a little more and be grateful for all that has happened!

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