Spring – A Great Reminder!

I woke up and made myself a cup of coffee. Aaliyah was asleep. I went to the balcony and saw Mrs. Bradley watering the flowers in her garden. I waved at her and wished her good morning! As usual, she greeted me with a wide smile.

There was something about the air that morning! Everything felt vibrant and positive. What was I missing? What was it? Aaaahhhh..! Now I know! It’s spring! How much I love this season! I always had a different and close association with it.

Whenever I feel low and think that things are over, I remind myself of the line from my all-time favorite poet Shelley – “O wind if the winter comes can spring be far behind?”

I remember once things had gone haywire in both my professional and personal life. I took a break for a week and came home. I had discussed it with my dad.

“This testing time won’t be there for too long, Bob! You will find a way and see things getting better! Just like spring brings transformation in the season so will this situation in you!” My dad had said with a smile. As usual, my hero was right!

I reflected and spent some time alone. Then I gave my best and waited. Slowly things got better and I could see light at the end of the tunnel.

So, since then hitting rock bottom meant that I was at an end of a tough cycle and a new start was approaching. And that moment, I get up with an undefeated strength.

Spring is a great reminder! It brings along with it the vibrant hues and sweet essence that promises hope and infuses us with excitement. It tells us how no bad phase is here to last forever! New ideas and positivity set in. It’s either a time to start things with a new approach. Or, time to embrace the new changes and beginnings. Both ways, we should only move ahead and never give up hope! The rest will always fall into place.

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