Let’s Spread Smiles And Celebrate Yom Kippur This Autumn!

Autumn has finally commenced and no matter where you are in the northern hemisphere I’m sure you have begun to see the wonderful changes that are taking place around you.

The fall is bringing warmer colors, the breach of winter and warmer clothes. The thought of wearing sweaters gives me such a cozy feeling. I can revel in the idea of pulling the boxes out, slipping on a pair of old boots and preparing for the chilly mornings to come

Autumn just brings that smile to my face. I look forward to spreading more wealth and glee this season as October 3 is Send a Smile Day. So, smile at a stranger walking by or send a card to your friend. Giant glowing happy faces all over your screen from a cute little ecard is a brilliant way to bring cheer. I can imagine the happiness you will provide.

Then for all our readers celebrating Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, we wish you all a very Happy Yom Kippur. This religious celebration is the most important, holiest and solemn day for the Jewish people. Pray for the well- being and reach out to all loved ones by sending them a heartfelt card.

September is ending, autumn has begun, and October is here! Say hello, smile, and celebrate the Jewish Day of Atonement. The weather is perfect to be outside to feel the cool breeze whip against your cheeks and take a moment to smile.

Autumn Sep 23 – Dec 20, 2014

Send Autumn Ecard!
Send Autumn Ecard!

Yom Kippur Oct 3- Oct 4, 2014

Send Yom Kippur Ecard!
SendYom Kippur Ecard!

Send A Smile Day October 3, 2014

Send  A Smile Day Ecard!
Send  A Smile Day Ecard!

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