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Hello My Dear Friends,

Let’s go on a journey, shall we? You know what? it feels so good sharing my experiences with you… It’s like talking to you all, at the same time. Thank you for sticking with me… Now, hop on and enjoy the ride.

Send Girlfriend's Day Greetings!
Send Girlfriend’s Day Greetings!
Girlfriend’s Day[Aug 1]

Aaliyah and I were at Ron’s place last weekend and had a whale of a time partying. Of course, the whole gang was present and it was kind of a couples’ night. Everyone walked in pairs and when the music decibel toned down there was space to chatter. Yes, we were told that we were the best couple around and I could see Aaliyah blush. But then came her friends with a boyfriend in tow. One showed off a golden bracelet, and Aaliyah went “Wow!” Her friend went on about how her boyfriend gifted her all these expensive things… Hmm… I was squirming in the couch, well, come to think of it, the most expensive thing I’ve bought her is an ice cream cone. When at last we moved out for the night, I could see the glittering stones and jewels that adorned all of Aaliyah’s friends. I faced her and said, “You know, honey, your smile can beat all those gems and rocks hands down anytime.”
Lame. Sigh!

OK. I can’t afford the expensive goodies. So what do I do? think Bob, come on! I pushed myself. Here I go, went ‘round the park, garden, streets… Plucked all the flowers I could find, sneaked some, bought some…daffodils, tulips, roses, primroses, et al…and there I was on Aaliyah’s doorstep. I wonder how girls look so beautiful, even when they are just out of bed and in their pajamas. She looked gorgeous albeit confused. “Oh! Bob, what’s all this?”
I handed her the floral cocktail. “100 flowers, took me two hours by foot, see there is even thorn scar here.” Showed my wrist.
I got what I came for – She smiled!

Always Live Better Than Yesterday[Jul 31]

This week’s moment of Zen:
My ol’ man said this once, “Bob, whatever happens, make sure you are a better person than the day before. Never track back in your efforts or in your character.”
I always will remember, one more thing he said. “When you wake up first thing in the morning, ask yourself, is the place I am going to worth going to? And if the answer is yes, then get out of the sheets. If not, quit. It’s not worth it.”

Send Always Live Better Than Yesterday Greetings!
Send Always Live Better Than Yesterday Greetings!

Send Friendship Greetings!
Send Friendship Greetings!
Greetings, My Friend!

Have you guys started using Google Plus? Well, I have. Steve had sent me an invite and I hopped on. Now, I tweet, facebook and Google Plus and send at least one greeting card a day to stay in touch with my buddies.
There was a time we used to hang out at friend’s places, but nowadays most of the hangouts happen on chat windows. Virtual world has stolen the charm of a face-to-face interaction.
I had enough of this, so I posted this on the Stream of G+:
“Guys, shutdown your computers, lock them safe, put on a pair of jeans and a windbreaker. Let’s hit the road for the weekend.”
I had at least five of them +1 it.

Have a great day

Sun goes to work in the morning and jus’ like heads home in the evening. Moon replaces the sun and warms and lights the world. There is breeze to cool the earth, when the sun is beating down and there is rain, when there is thirst.
We have got it all, haven’t we?
All we have to do is jus’ live.
You know what? Life’s not complicated at all; in fact, it is quite simple. We are the ones, who complicate. Jus’ go out there and have a whale of a time! Have a great day!

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Send Everyday Greetings!
Send Everyday Greetings!

Until next week…

Take care.

Editor, 123Greetings

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