What Are Friends For?

My Good Friends,

I would like to share a few things with you today. These are incidents and anecdotes that happened in my life. Every incident is an experience. There is lot to learn for me, from it and may be you too.

Send Friendship Day Greetings!
Send Friendship Day Greetings!
Friendship Day[Aug 7]

I will tell you a bit about my friends. If I do something wrong, how do my friends react:
Meggy would say “jus’ chill.” She wouldn’t let me think about that again by playing pranks or distracting me with something else.
Ron would bring a tall bottle of Tequila. That’s his answer to every sad or bad incident that happens to him or anyone else. Well, it works most of the time.
Steve would open his notepad and would ask me to tell him all about the problem; every tiny detail of it. He would then look at it without even a trace of emotion and coldly would set up on solving the problem, as if he is cracking a programming code.
Kong would see my face and if he sees it dull, he will be over enthused and lick my feet, knees and then jump on my lap to give my cheeks a coating of his saliva with his rough tongue.
Aaliyah, my love, would jus’ kiss me. And all will be alright with the world.

Everyone has a way to handle the problem of mine. And I am happy that I have so many, who care. I am sending them all a card this Friendship Day and tell them how much I love them.
The least I can do!

Cards for Sister[Aug 7]

I sat down to write a letter to my cousin sister, Mary, who lives in Texas. Well, I wrote the letter in the message space of a greeting card in 123 Greetings. Thought it to be a good idea, I can have my heartfelt message along with some visuals and music too, right?
Anyway, I told her how much I miss her, how I miss her counsel,when things go wrong for me, how much I miss her tiny little tot, Rebecca, and how much I miss her culinary skills.
I used to text her before at least once a week. She would almost never reply back to me unless it is something very important, but this time, I got a greeting card back from her along with a lengthy message in it. That was followed by a phone call.
A personal note sent with a good intent is always reciprocated!

Send Cards for Sister Greetings!
Send Cards for Sister Greetings!

Send Anniversary Greetings!
Send Anniversary Greetings!
Happy Anniversary!

Aaliyah sent me flowers with a note and it said, “Happy Anniversary, Bob!”.
Now, I am to find out what anniversary was that! I don’t have a clue, it is not that we first met, neither the day we fell in love, what is it then?
I went mad thinking about it all day and then she told me…
“Bob, today morning when I woke up, you were my first thought. And I fell in love with you all over again. So, this is our first anniversary. And tomorrow would be another one, and the day after another one… so on and so forth.” She smiled.
“I will send you flowers too… Everyday.” I said with a smile.

Price of a smile!

Getting to my office in downtown takes its toll on everyone, who commutes. Almost everyone steps off the elevator with a grouchy face.
And then Linda, smiles her full face, famous smile. Everyone smiles back, and walks in to the office sprightly.
That’s what a smile does. That’s your Moment of Zen for the day.

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Send Cute Cards!
Send Cute Cards!

Take care.

Editor, 123Greetings

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