Romancing Life!

Mom whispered in our ears during the prayer times to practice temperance and not let passion take over the better judgment. My siblings and I grew up with this understanding and we never would give in to any form of craving losing many friends and opportunities to mingle as a result.

It was one such lonely evening when our college buddies were partying for Friendship Day. Everyone was to come with their gang of friends and I belonged to none and wasn’t invited. My bigger despair was not that I wasn’t a part of it all but it was that my presence didn’t matter.  I started questioning the belief of resisting the perceived evil. I understand our wings are made of wax and feather and if we fly to the sun, it would melt away like those of Icarus in the Greek tale but does that mean we do not take the flight of our dreams?

I realized that often contentment changes to complacency and life transforms to a boring, seamless and deserted road on which we have to drag ourselves. I realize even though the testament is something to live by, it must marry the human need for change, romance, adventure and variety. It must allow romancing with life, sliding to the edge of the rainbow, floating on the dense clouds and not resisting the raindrops from drenching us.

Life is fun when you meet new people, befriend them and understand their map of life, find your true love. Let the youthfulness takeover. Fall from the pedestal you are made to sit on. Allow yourself to lose the path and then find the caliber to get back on the right track, the “right” defined by you and qualified by your heart.

Feel the feelings, share a joke, laugh out loud, dance and play, sing and rejoice. Bake and surf, read and daydream, meditate and love or simply sit back and relax. Do it all  with the romance and passion alive in your heart but here is the cheat, don’t let yourself get attached to any of them because it is then when the better of us is lost. So enjoy and yet learn to let go.

My life is awesome and I am blessed with my friends who surround me at all times. I thank my mom for teaching me temperance and I am grateful to life for giving me the right understanding of the same. I still do not give in to my cravings but I don’t resist or suppress my needs. I let others hold different beliefs. I don’t hold on to grudges or become an addict of life and it’s temptations even though I swim in the deep waters I don’t let myself drown for the falsifying pearl.

“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.”~Albert Einstein

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Romance Day!
August 11, 2016
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True Love Forever Day!
August 16, 2016
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Sit Back & Relax Day!
August 15, 2016
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