Tax, Tears And Congratulations!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

In clockwork precision the sun sets and rises, it does its duty without a regard to what is happening around it. Is it the selfish act of the sun to be just doing its job? Well, if it does its job right, we get to live in the light and see the moon at night. That is the whole point. No one’s duty is selfish. You do your job and in turn countless others will be benefited out of it. That’s how it goes. Quit complaining and start appreciating those who do their job. That said let us take a look at the events and emotions that we have in store.

<astyle=”text-decoration: none;” href=””>Tax Day [Apr 15]

Following up on that thought, have you ever wondered why you loathe the IRS? The reason is you believe they are taking away your money. Truth is the money is used for you. If they do not take away your money, would you be kind enough to collate money and lay down roads, ensure police protection for the populace and do all that a civic body does? Well, you wouldn’t. At least not many would. And that is why the tax is taken. It is for you.

You may not celebrate Tax Day, but at least you can spread the awareness and spare a thought to the officials who take it up as a job that will in turn help others.

Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary [Apr 19]

There are certain moments in life that will stay with you forever. Such moments are usually of two kinds. Either it is an incredibly happy moment or otherwise, very sad moment. One such moment is this tragedy – Oklahoma City Bombing. It shook us from the comfort of peace that we enjoyed. It told us that there are disgruntled people in our own backyard. It told us to be vigilant and conversely to the disappointment of the perpetrators, we didn’t go our ways, but came together.

That is the spirit with which we should remember this day. That is the spirit right now our country needs. God Bless America.


No one needs appreciation more than someone who wants nothing but that. Yes, most of us are looking for that reassuring pat rather than money or any other material kickbacks. Life is not all about mementos and bank balance. It is mostly about recognition and respect.

And sometimes admiration too helps. Do not always think that there is nothing that would come out of a kind word of appreciation or buoyant congratulations.

It may change the way the receiver looks at the world and their self esteem may sky rocket and enable him or her to reach the heights they seldom thought that they could.

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Self respect is everything. Anything that you procure by pawning your self respect will not bring any happiness. Never bow down to something that you don’t believe in.

Remember, no one can force you to do what you want to do for a long time.

It is eventually your choice, do not pass the buck. Do not point fingers and do not bow down.

Live head held high.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary 2016 [Apr 19]

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Send Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary Greetings!


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