World’s Best Mom!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

She will hold the umbrella and walk in the rain jus’ so that you don’t get drenched . That’s mother for you. She might have everything but will use them only for you. She believes you need nurturing, she believes you need help, she believes you need inspiration, she believes you are the best in the world and she believes in you when nobody does. That’s a mother! Such a mother has a day named after her, to celebrate her and recognize her. This year, Mother’s Day is on the 12th of May. I am proud to present to you the newsletter that spells out the plans of 123Greetings to celebrate the moms of the world.

Happy Mother’s Day [May 12]

I love the way people respond to our greeting cards. They often say that the cards we create mirror the emotions that they feel. You see, we may differ in terms of color, creed, history or geography, but the emotions are universal. The best part is, everything else mentioned above is quantifiable and visible, but emotions are not!

These greeting cards are a way to make those emotions come to life. This mother’s day, we’re helping to provide a platform for these emotions to surface. Share an anecdote about your mom and what makes her the “World’s Best Mom” on our Facebook<astyle=”text-decoration: none;” href=””>“World’s Best Mom”Page and we’ll help you honor her. Names of 1,000 moms from the most liked stories get featured in an ecard we’re designing especially for them and 100 most liked stories get published in an ebook we’re releasing on Mother’s Day, May 12, 2013. It would be an ideal way for you to say… Happy Mother’s Day!

Family [May 12]

Besides your mom, there may be others in your family who are mothers to their children, be it your sister, aunt or cousin. Look out for the mothers in your family who have juggled both, home and work. Look out for those professionals who toil to save every penny and still play the emotional anchor for the family.

Change starts at home. Be the change and make an effort to recognize the contributions of the mothers in your family.

That would be a good start!

Help their children say their little “Thank You” to their moms by sharing this with them.

Thank You [May 12]

If anyone deserves these two words more than anyone else in this world, it has to be the mother. Remember always that she never asks for a reward or a hint of recognition. She is beyond all that. She will never ask you and even if you do, she wouldn’t make a big thing out of it. You know why?

Because she believes that is the purpose of her life – To ensure her kids grow up to be someone the world looks up to!

A dream of a mother is jus’ that, nothing more.

For all that she’s always dreamt for you, here’s your chance to say “thank you”. Share an anecdote, and include her name in the post. We’ll do the rest!

Friends [May 12]

And yes, there are mothers that you meet in your daily life – a colleague at work who is under-appreciated, a best friend who is a mother and a well wisher of yours who nurtures two young kids. There is happiness in this world because of these angels.

Mother’s Day is the day to recognize these gentle souls. What better way to give them the recognition that they deserve than to let the world know she’s one of the “World’s Best Moms”. Share her story on our page.

Here’s wishing that your mother’s day plans are sincere and meaningful – Have a Happy Mother’s day!

Take care,

Editor Bob

Mother’s Day 2016 [May 8]

Send Family Greetings!
Send Family Greetings!

Mother’s Day 2016 [May 8]

Send Thank You Greetings!
Send Thank You Greetings!

Mother’s Day 2016 [May 8]

Send Friends Greetings!
Send Friends Greetings!

4 thoughts on “World’s Best Mom!

  1. B., Though my mother had passed away in 1990, I think of her each year when Mother’s Day comes around. How she loved to garden and enjoyed watching old black and white movies. She was from another country and when she was a little girl, she had learned to sing, dance, play piano, sew and cook. She brought all these talents with her to America and when she got married and had children,she taught them all these vital talents. I’ll type this up on the website for Mothers, you had recommended, as well. Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom, B. Like you, I know she is an amazing person. love to you and yours, L.

  2. I have read your news letter and have enjoyed reading the different accasions that comming up for cards and thoughts about Mothers as I am a mother of one son for 55 years and what a blessing it is to now have a wonderful daughter in law I call my daughter I was to have. Being bless also to have a wonderful mother who in my life that is now in heaven still telling me what if or I am not doing right or is saying I am proud at what you have become.

  3. Thankyou for this website ,l have use it many times. I send cards out on special occasions,but this way of sendingis more personable and less expensive.I LOVE THE NEW ADDITION OF THE SOUND CARD,tHEY ARE MORE INSPIRING AND EFFECTIVE.

  4. I think it was only after I was married with small children of my own that I fully realized all that my mother had sacrificed for my sister, my brother and I. All the little things that we in our youth are not aware of or take for granted. We are very happy to be the ones given all that love and nurturing. When you are small you think the world is all about you. As an adult I wanted to thank her some way and let her know how grateful I was. One day while shopping I saw a quote beautifully framed which gave me the words. It simply said, ‘Mothers are not paid for their work…..because it’s priceless’. God took her years ago but she and memories of all that she did have stayed with me and yes, they remain priceless.

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