That Curve On Your Face Gives Me Strength!

Last week I was at a café near Bryant Park, having a great time with Steve and Adrian. While I was enjoying our conversation and the chicken sausages, I noticed a man sitting opposite our table. After getting done with a call, I saw that his face had turned gloomy. When he looked at me, I smiled at him. Unsure if I was smiling at him, he looked back to confirm. Then he turned around and smiled back. We raised our coffee mugs as if raising a toast! We acknowledged and then had a sip of the coffee.

Steve and Adrian were witnessing all of this. “Do you know him?” asked Adrian. ”No, I don’t,” I replied. “Then what was all this?” asked Steve.

“Since when do we need to know someone to just make him feel a little better?” I asked.  “Make him feel better? How? I’m not understanding, Bob,” replied Steve.

“I saw that he was talking to someone and when the call got over, he was upset. I don’t know the reason but there’s definitely something bogging him down at the moment. Share A Smile Day is here! A smile can trigger positivity in someone. I might not be close enough to know his problems and make his worries any less. However, a single smile can be a source of strength to face challenges. One can stop cribbing about the problems and focus more on the solutions,” I replied.

“That’s a good thought! Indeed it activates the feel-good factor in one’s mind and helps to look beyond the obstacles,” expressed Adrian. “Exactly! We feel light-hearted and start believing that the hurdles are not the end. We eventually come out of it and grow as a person,” said Steve.

“Yes, that’s right! A smile is an act of kindness that shows compassion. It instills hope and happiness in the heart of others,” I expressed.

All of us agreed and decided to smile more often. We left for a short drive after indulging in cream tea and truffle pastries.

Smile is contagious! A smiling face radiates a persona that immediately uplifts the mood and brightens our day! It helps the people around us to look for solutions rather than dwelling on the problems. One can hear that inner voice saying, ‘you can do this champ! Most importantly, when we smile, the universe smiles back. And then, you know! Everything falls back into place! Hence, keep that curve on your face, always!

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