The Victory Band!

It was a Sunday afternoon! Aaliyah was going through some of her old albums and sharing all the stories behind each picture. “Oh! This was at granny’s place. This bracelet that I’m wearing now, she had given it to me on the day I left for my college. It’s been with me since then!” She said.

“This bracelet is a victory band for you my little Aaliyah! Whenever you feel low or defeated just look at this bracelet and remind yourself that you are stronger than all the challenges around you!” Granny had said.

Her eyes got teary. “I miss her, Bob! I so wish to spend some time with her and soothe my mind,” she said. “You will visit her soon, Aaliyah. This pandemic won’t be here for too long and we both will surprise her!” I expressed. She was still low! “Let me get a few more albums!” She replied while trying hard to control her tears.

Nostalgia hits hard! Grandparent’s Day is here! Before Aaliyah came back, I quickly called her granny on video and told her about how Aaliyah was feeling.

When Aaliyah came back after a few minutes and saw her granny on the call, she immediately burst into tears. “Aaliyah, my darling! What happened?” She asked. “I miss you, granny! I miss your pancakes and cheesecakes. I miss your calming words and beauty advice. I miss your encouragement. I miss you being around me when I feel upset,” cried Aaliyah.

“You are never away from me, Aaliyah. The miles just add up to the physical distance. In reality, we are always present and united with our loved ones through thoughts, prayers, and most importantly, the heart! Feel my presence there, just like I feel all of your presence here!” Replied granny! Aaliyah wiped her tears.

“The victory band that you are wearing should always remind you of all the milestones that you have reached so far in every sphere of life! As for the pancakes and cheesecakes, I’ll give my recipe to Bob. You relish that till I come there!” Said, granny. Aaliyah laughed. “Yes, that sounds like a great idea!” I replied.  We hung up the call and got motivated further right before Positive Thinking Day.

My phone beeped. I read the message and laughed. “What is it?” Asked Aaliyah. “Granny has sent her recipes over this text!” I replied. “Time for you to execute, I believe!” Expressed Aaliyah with a wink. “Well yes! But, after you make me a glass of cold coffee!” I replied.

The concept of the victory band was so heart touching. Grandparents always share great insight for staying strong and happy. They always leave us with a feeling of awe.

Share with me some of the advice that you have got from your grandparents!

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