Three Secrets For Making Each Day A Good Day

It was a bright summer morning! Alan, Aaliyah, and I were enjoying breakfast together at our place. The May Flowers were blooming beautifully and were such a treat to the eyes! We were talking about different things when all of a sudden Alan shot a question at me.

“Bob, how do you manage to stay this happy and energetic all the time? Like after being in your company even I have started eating right and exercising yet I feel I am not there yet! How do you do it?” He asked. I smiled and answered.

“Well, it’s not just what we eat and drink that keeps us happy and healthy. It’s how we start the day and keep doing the right things throughout the day which makes a difference! Let me share with you how I keep up with the momentum!” And then I shared with him these three secrets of mine:

Good start – I ensure to start my day not just with good food and exercise but with the right thought as well. I wake up with a heart full of gratitude for the new day. I stay away from the phone and other gadgets. I spend time watering the flowers, having a nice walk in the garden, making breakfast, and having meaningful conversations with Aaliyah. This helps me to stay grounded and my day starts with a fresh dose of positivity.

Feeding right –What we feed to our mind and soul is important! So, I watch a lot of motivational, informative, and travel videos. I read things that interest me. I span these things out throughout the day. All these help me to learn and explore more. I invest time in things that create value in my life and enjoy executing them too!

Happy ending – I make sure to relax and do things that are close to my heart. I love giving a belly rub to Kong, I spend a lot of time writing while having my favorite drink. I watch good series or movies with Aaliyah while having dinner. Then I end the day by expressing my gratitude.

“Now, these are some amazing new things that I have learned. I am seriously going to try them out. Thanks, Bob!” He said.

“You are welcome, Alan. I am sure you too will be energetic and have each day as a good one! Just try them out!” I replied and then we continued with our day’s plans.

What is your secret for making each day a good day? Share it with me!

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