To See You Smile Is A Priceless Feeling!

They say old habits die hard. And, the ones that you have imbibed from your dad, you simply refuse to let it go! I was cleaning my bookshelf and humming one of my favorite songs. I usually do that when I am too happy about something that is close to my heart. This is one habit that I have got from my dad! And, Aaliyah is aware of it.

She kept a bowl of sprouts on the table and asked, “So what is it, Bob? Tell me! Why are you so happy?”

I turned around and said, “Smile month it is! The perfect time to plan things out in a way to make our loved ones smile. It’s been quite some time since dad had a good time with his friends. After losing his eyesight partially, he barely goes out or invites them over like before. So, I decided to surprise him!”

“What did you do?” Asked Aaliyah. “Well, I added all his friends in a common group and invited them over at his place today to celebrate the spirit of Senior Citizen Day. I had informed mom so that she could arrange for everything! Now they are all having lots of fun!” I replied.

“Wow, Bob! That is such a wonderful surprise!” Expressed Aaliyah.

“Old by age but young at heart – dad’s entire group ensures to not let age come in their way! They are so full of life and optimism. Mom had just called and said that dad is overjoyed and touched. Good food, country music, banter – dad is having a great time!” I replied.

Aaliyah gave me a hug and said, “You are the best!” “You all bring out the best in me,” I replied, and then we had our healthy snack while watching a web series.

My phone beeped. Mom shared a group picture with everyone smiling while sitting on the couch. It surely made my day!

To see our loved ones smile is priceless! It is a fulfilling feeling that fills us with unfathomable joy from within. It has a ripple effect and instantly lights up everything around. It fills the surroundings with positivity thereby making the world a better and happy place.

Smile more often! And, never miss out on a chance to bring a smile to others’ faces!

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