Mindful Living To Experience An Enriched Life

Last Sunday Kate, her niece Jane and I were out to celebrate Eat Outside Day! Jane greeted me with her craftwork. This time she hand-painted a beautiful coffee mug. “This is for you, Uncle Bob!” This is so colorful and vibrant! So pretty just like you!” I expressed. “Thank you so much!” She smiled and said.

While we were ordering our food I could see that Kate was a little preoccupied. She was constantly checking her phone. We ordered bread, sausages, eggs, and bruschetta along with coffee. As we ate, every now and then Kate kept on checking her phone.

“You know it’s not a very good habit to check our phones constantly when we are all spending time together!” Said Jane to Kate.

Kate looked at us apologetically and said, “I know sweetie, but it’s just that I am trying to get a big client on board. I want to seal the deal so I was just seeing if it is getting finalized or not!”

“My mom tells me that we will always have something or the other going on. And, that way we won’t be able to concentrate and enjoy the current moment! That way we are missing out on all the fun!” She said. I was amazed at what the little one had just said!

There was silence for a while. “Caught guilty!” She expressed to herself.

“She is right, Kate! We specifically made a plan to enjoy Eat Outside Day together. What’s the point of doing this if you are just physically present here but mentally somewhere else? That way none of us would be able to enjoy it! And, the whole purpose of this plan goes for a toss!” I expressed.

“Look Bob and Jane, I am really sorry! I know and understand what you guys mean. Thank you little one! Here, I am putting my phone on silent and keeping it upside down. I will always follow this whenever I am out to spend some quality time!” Said Kate.

“Promise?” Asked Jane. Kate smiled and replied, “I promise!” Then we ordered some waffles and had a good time together eating our breakfast.

Something or the other will always go on at the personal or professional front. However, amidst all the hustle and bustle of daily life, we need to be mindfully present where we are! Living in the moment is the best way to soak in and experience every bit of life. Mindful living makes us more aware and helps us to enjoy to the fullest. It leaves us with an enriching experience and paves the way for beautiful memories!

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