Let The Fruits of Labor Do The Rest!

Summer barbecue and good time with friends are awaiting this Labor Day at Mrs. Bradley’s garden. Aaliyah, Alan, and I were sitting in Mrs. Bradley’s hall and munching on the nachos covered in cheese and yummy tacos. At the same time we were planning for that day.

“I will get some muffins after this,” said Mrs. Bradley after serving cold coffee.

“That’s so nice of you, Mrs. Bradley! Let me help you!” Said Aaliyah and accompanied her to the kitchen. Meanwhile, Alan attended a call and sat down. I sipped my cold coffee and looked at him. Something was bothering him.

“Hey, you look upset after the call. What is the matter?” I asked. There was a pause.

Then he looked at me and said, “What is it that my co-worker has and I don’t? Why does he get to lead new projects every time? I work hard too but never end up being where he is!” He replied.

“Alan, calm down. I understand that you are upset, but I feel that it might not be the best approach to look at this situation. Your outlook has to change!” I expressed.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Your question should be what else I have to inculcate in me to get to lead new projects! Labor Day is here and it is the perfect time to reflect on the virtues like hard work, sincerity and consistency. Your coworker is not merely lucky, he has earned it to be there! Your focus should be on doing better than the previous day. That will be an effective way of competing!” I expressed.

There was silence for a while. “Yes, you are right! I should stop comparing and start polishing my skills. My focus should be on making myself better at my work,” He replied.

“That’s right! This will help you to upgrade your areas of weakness and polish your strengths. Just give your best and let the fruits of labor do the rest. Who knows maybe you will lead the next project?” I said.

Alan smiled at this optimism. “Thank you, Bob! I will work hard for that day! I feel better now!” He said. “That’s good! Remember, hard work and consistent efforts will never let you down!” I said.

Mrs. Bradley and Aaliyah interrupted our conversation with freshly baked muffins on the plate. The rest of the evening was followed by good food, banter and laughter!

Comparing ourselves to others is not an ideal approach. We should always reflect on ourselves to see how we can make it any better! This makes us more self-aware and changes our outlook. In the long run this opens the door to self-improvement and paves the way for bright new opportunities!

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