Seeking Them In My Heart

I was busy with Sunday cleaning when my hands fell on an old box. I knew what it was and right then ride of nostalgia began! Things that were gifted to me by my grandparents were kept in there. It was and still is my treasure trove!

To me, my grandpa was a wish-granting machine. Anything that I liked that my parents refused to give, I went to him and asked for it. He never said no! But before buying the things he always ensured that I knew their worth and never misused them.

And as for grandma, she knew what brought the widest smile to my face. From cooking a delicious menu to baking my favorite choco-chip caramel cookies she was a great cook. I always ended up putting on weight. She also used to make handmade gifts and chocolates.

Both of them had very different approaches. My grandpa encouraged me to always follow my passion and wanted me to gain knowledge from anywhere and everywhere! “Knowledge is around everywhere!” – He used to say!

As for grandma, she made sure I valued and understood human emotions. “Sharing is caring!” – She used to say! So, whenever I came back from my visit, I made sure to share the presents and cookies with my sister and all my friends.

I still remember whatever they have taught and swear by all of them!

Fifteen years back, in a span of a year, I had lost both of them. I was deeply affected by their demise. Unable to bear the loss, I became very quiet and stayed upset for days. The void was too painful.

One day my dad came in and said, “Bob, their teachings will always live through you! And their memories will always be there in your heart. Whenever you miss them, just seek them in your heart. You will feel their presence!”

That’s what I do! Whenever I miss them, I know where to find them. Grandparents Day is here! I have decided to visit that old simple food joint which was where we all had last visited together. It serves delicious Mexican food. I can’t wait to spend my time there with Aaliyah and feel good. That would be a great way to celebrate them and Grandparents Day!

Do you have such memories with your grandparents? Share them with me!

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