Uncertain Yet Mystic!

Aaliyah screamed with joy. “Congratulations Sammy! We are going to have our kind of celebration. It’s going to be a big one, I promise! See you soon! Lots of love till then!” She ended the call and came running to me and said, “Bob! My cousin, Samantha, has got her date for the virtual convocation. It’s a big day for her. I am so happy!”

Graduation month it is! “That’s a great news! She must be so excited?” I replied. “She is! But, she is nervous too. Her situation takes me back to the year of my commencement ceremony. I had similar mixed feelings. On one hand, I was not willing to part away from my favorite professors and friends. On the other hand, I was eager for a fresh start without knowing ‘what next’!” She expressed.

“I can relate to it. Confusion and anxiety went hand in hand during that time. Some of my friends were going to join work, some were going for a long trip while others were taking a year gap. Seeing people do different things was so overwhelming!” I added.

“Will I be able to do well? Will I be able to keep up with the new innovations? Such thoughts clogged my mind. Here I am now! One of the co-founders of a weekly magazine house!” She said.

“For me, it was a management guy versus a writer! Which one was I supposed to take up? The inner conflicts went long enough until I decided to follow my passion. I am happy I did that!” I replied.

“I so am proud of you, Bob!” She said. “Same here, my love. It’s a great joy to see you living your dream!” I replied. There was a pause followed by an endearing look on both our faces.

“I think you must call up your cousin and tell her that things will fall into place. She shouldn’t worry!” I suggested. “Yes! I’ll do that! Sharing our stories will give her some solace,” she replied. Soon, we had a nice video call where we were able to encourage Samantha.

The worries before a new start is quite natural. Initial apprehensions and hiccups might be there. However, it’s there to shape us.

One just needs to have diligence, perseverance and enough faith. The rest is taken care of by the universe. Sooner or later one will end up being where one is supposed to be! That’s the beauty of life. Uncertain yet mystic! So trust the universe!

Tell me what your plans are after graduation!

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