We Are In This Together!

While the entire nation commemorates Memorial Day, I sense fear and helplessness whenever I am connecting to my loved ones. The COVID-19 crisis is very overwhelming!

As I was standing in the balcony and inhaling the fresh air, I had a flashback. The memory instantly uplifted me. Let me share it with you!

It was right before Liz’s graduation. Mom had broken her right leg. To make things worse, she had an ugly asthma attack. The first few weeks were spent in the hospital followed by taking full care of her once she was home.

It wasn’t easy for our family. Yet we made it a point to divide the daily chores in a way where we had everything working perfectly fine. Mom did not have to worry!

Whenever we used to get tired dad would come up and say, “We are almost there champ! Let’s do this!” That’s how he would pass on his positive energy to us. Positivity is contagious!

Finally, when mom was completely fine, she served us our favorite food. She baked dad’s favorite cake too. That’s how our family celebrated the little victory!

The soldiers whom we pay tribute on Memorial Day did the same too. They fought against the common enemy with unity, determination and true spirit till their last breath.

All of this hints at one thing, ‘the spirit of fighting together’! When we do that no matter how big the challenge is, we overcome it! The problem doesn’t shrink but it gets easier to fight. There comes a strength from within to deal with it.  

Anxiety can easily creep in to break us down. However, we must never succumb to a difficult situation. We should remind ourselves that ‘we are in this together’!

We can do wonders once we have the same goal in mind. Currently, our goal is to overcome COVID-19. We will do that by being there for one another and with one another. That’s how we are going to defeat this pandemic.

Let us overcome this together!

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