Where Is Your Gratitude, My Friend?

There are times when we feel low because our plans didn’t work out the way we would have wanted them to. All the steps that we have walked by far seem fruitless. My friend Adrian was feeling the same. He called me right before dinner and said, “Bob, I need to talk!” “What happened?” I asked.

“I had real plans this year. After so many years, I had finally saved enough to invest in a startup. May was planning to switch her job so that we could live together and end our long-distance marriage. We also had plans to move to a new property. Everything is at a halt! I feel so puzzled now!” He expressed.

The pandemic has caused stagnation in the majority of our lives. Things are not easy for us to digest and accept. I asked him to calm down.

“What you feel is natural but remember the current scenario calls for counting your blessings and not look at what you have missed. You are draining yourself with the thoughts of ‘what could have been’ rather than ‘how beautiful things are right now’,” I said. “What beautiful things are you talking about? I am not understanding!” He replied.

“Look around, Adrian! Your life is still as beautiful as it could be. You still have a stable job, a loving wife with whom you are spending some quality time, at last. And, most importantly, your loved ones have so far been protected in this pandemic! Don’t you see all of these? Where is your gratitude, my friend?” I asked. There was a pause for a while.

“You’re right! I never thought this way! I only got worked up about things that are missing!” He replied. “Stop doing that! Sukkot is here! The time to be grateful to the almighty for blessing us with His protection and abundance. This is the best time to pray and show our gratitude! Time to rejoice each day of life!” I expressed.

“Thank you so much, Bob! It’s time to change my approach towards looking at things. It’s time to show my gratitude!” He expressed. “Do that and see! You will feel positive and attract more happiness in your life!” I said and then we hung up.

There is no end to planning and achieving! However, in the process, we should never take the things that are present in our life for granted! Let us always count our blessings and be thankful for them. Doing this will pave the way for more blessings and happiness! Happy Sukkot, everyone!

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