Refresh And Release This Autumn!

Autumn Refresh

Breathe and release”

Real Love doesn’t meet you at your best rather it stays with you in your mess. The summer is receding, another transition sets in. Fall comes by and the leaves let go off their branches. The colors change to yellow, brown and purple, the temperature falls challenging the birds to stay put in their once cozy shelters. A need to migrate dawns upon them as the days become shorter and the night arrives before time. It is the time to release and refresh.

The shadowy lanes soon are carpeted with crisp leaves and every moment you step on it, it makes the cracking sound under your feet reminding you to let go off things you’ve been holding onto which need to be cleared away to make room for the new. The times of change are a true test of love and relationships. Those who fade away with changing times are not worthy enough to cry for while those who stick around are friends forever.

Happy Autumn

What we call life is a tapestry of many moments weaved together. I feel a deep connection with the Autumn as I do an internal audit and release a lot of uncalled for stuff in my life and mind.

I release work which is redundant or not aligned with my larger purpose in life, superfluous relationships, things I hold onto and never really use and a plethora of unresolved issues lingering and burdening my heart. I forgive and forget and let the dryness fall out of my heart, refreshing my resolves and beaming with an open heart.

So allow the First Day of Autumn to be the first day of the rest of your life. Audit your life values, reflect upon your purpose, release your weaknesses , refresh your resolves and reconnect with those who matter and be joyful.

What message does Autumn bring to you? Do share. See you in the comments.

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